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Microchip introduces the PIC18-Q24 series of microcontrollers to set a new standard for enhanced code security

2023-12 Connectors Microchip Technology
[12월 4 2023] From phones and cars to smart thermostats and home appliances, more and more everyday devices are connected to the cloud. As connectivity increases, it becomes critical to deploy advanced security measures at the chip level to protect firmware and data. In response to current and expanding security threats, Microchip Technology has released the PIC18-Q24 family of microcontrollers (MCUS). In resp ...
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Infineon introduces the new PSoC Edge product family to bring high-performance, energy-efficient machine learning technology to edge applications

2023-12 Connectors Infineon Technologies
[12월 4 2023] Infineon Technologies AG has announced the launch of a new PSoC microcontroller (MCU) product family, the PSoC Edge. The PSoC portfolio is Infineon's high-performance, low-power security device based on the Arm® Cortex® core. PSoC Edge is designed for a new generation of real-time responsive computing and control applications and offers hardware-assisted machine learning (ML) acceleration. The ne ...
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Improve transportation and industrial design with low-power 77GHz radar sensors

2023-12 Sensors Texas Instruments
[12월 1 2023] Radar sensors in the 77GHz band are commonly used in advanced driver assistance system sensing applications such as blind spot detection and automatic emergency braking, and in level transmitters in industrial tanks. But today, off-highway vehicles, e-bikes, bicycles and parking gates are increasingly demanding proximity and distance sensing. These sensors can help achieve a safer working environ ...
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Diodes' low-power 1.8V, 2.5Gbps, dual-data channel ReDriver supports the MIPI D-PHY 1.2 protocol

2023-12 Connectors Diodes Incorporated
[12월 1 2023] Diodes introduces a low-power, high-performance signal ReDriver that complies with the MIPI D-PHY 1.2 protocol. The PI2MEQX2503 reconstructs signals transmitted from the camera to the display with data transfer rates of up to 2.5Gbps and is suitable for a variety of product applications such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, commercial displays, augmented reali ...
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IAR provides full support for the NXP S32M2 to enhance motor control capabilities

2023-11 Semiconductors NXP
[11월 30 2023] IAR, the global leader in embedded development software and services, has now fully supported NXP Semiconductors' new motor control chip S32M2. The S32M2 series is the latest enhanced version of NXP's Arm® Cortex-based S32 vehicle computing platform, featuring high efficiency for body and comfort applications designed to reduce in-car noise and increase passenger comfort. IAR Embedded Workbench f ...
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STMicroelectronics announces remote wireless microcontroller

2023-11 Connectors STMicroelectronics
[11월 30 2023] STMicroelectronics, the world's leading semiconductor company serving multiple electronic applications, has announced a new microcontroller (MCU) that combines wireless chip design expertise with a high-performance, energy-efficient STM32 system architecture. New energy-saving features extend the battery life of this wireless MCU to more than 15 years. In remote applications, including energy met ...
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Infineon and Eaton collaborate to advance automotive battery management systems

2023-11 Power Infineon Technologies
[11월 29 2023] Infineon Technologies and Eatron Technologies have partnered to integrate sophisticated machine learning algorithms and solutions into the AURIX TC4x microcontroller (MCU). The partnership aims to advance battery management systems (BMS) for automobiles. Eatron is able to maximize the performance and accuracy of its AI-powered battery management software by utilizing the cutting-edge machine lear ...
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COSEL introduces ultra-compact, high-efficiency GAN-based power supplies

2023-11 Connectors Cosel
[11월 29 2023] The TE series from COSEL is a new generation of highly compact power supplies for industrial applications. Using cutting-edge technologies such as wide bandgap Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors, high-frequency planar transformers, and enhanced flyback topology, the TE series includes 45W (TECS/TEPS45F) and 65W (TECS/TEPS65F) power supplies with 1 x 2.3 (TEPS) and 1 x 3 (TECS) inch footprints, ...
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Ams Osram, together with Meritwork Technology and Enabot, launches intelligent robot EBO X, leading the new trend of family companionship

2023-11 Power ams
[11월 28 2023] Ams Osram announced the successful launch of the AI intelligent companion robot EBO X with home robot supplier Enabot through a partnership with Meritwork Technology. The robot relies on the algorithm technology support of Legong Technology and is equipped with AMS OSRAM TMF8821 sensor to achieve automatic obstacle avoidance, anti-fall and auxiliary mapping functions. With the increasing maturity ...
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Microchip has announced the latest TrustAnchor safety IC to meet higher automotive safety certification requirements

2023-11 Semiconductors Microchip Technology
[11월 28 2023] As cars continue to become more connected and more technologically advanced, so does the need for enhanced safety measures. The latest cybersecurity specifications from governments and automotive Oems are starting to include larger key sizes and the Edwards Curve ed25519 algorithm standard. To this end, Microchip Technology Inc. is introducing its latest Trust Anchor Security IC, the TA101, to ad ...
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What benefits can emerging smell sensors bring us?

2023-11 Sensors Advanced Energy
[11월 27 2023] Sensors play a crucial role in modern technology, providing machines with the information they need to function properly. This new generation of technology forms part of the Internet of Things (IoT), where machines collect data about themselves and their environment and share it to create a network of autonomous devices. The Internet of Things relies on this sharing of information and feedback, a ...
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NXP further expands the S32 platform with a software-defined motor control solution for automotive edge nodes

2023-11 Semiconductors NXP
[11월 27 2023] NXP Semiconductors announces the S32M2, further expanding the S32 automotive computing platform. Dedicated motor control solutions are optimized to effectively improve the efficiency of automotive applications such as pumps, fans, sunroof and seat positions, seat belt preteners, and backup doors. The S32M2 is based on the S12 MagniV portfolio and combines NXP's motor control technology experience ...